Format of a Semi formal letter

Letter being one of the common ways of communication transfers that has eased so many communication problems back in the day and still does now but more technological.

Letter writing is one of the many ways by which people send and receive information easily, it is mostly a way by which people communicate, share ideas, thoughts e.t.c.

Letters come in different types which are as follows:

  • The formal letter
  • The informal letter
  • The semi formal letter

which all have their specific functions, features, characteristics and attributes. These different forms of letter has slowly coiled in our everyday lives. In today’s post we will be looking at semi formal letter but for the purpose of understanding we will first have to understood both formal and informal letter.

The formal letter is a letter written to people either older, or for official purposes to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, Seniors e.t.c and not to personal contacts, friends or family. It is one written in a formal and ceremonious language and it follows a certain stipulated kind of format.

The informal letter is a letter that is written in a casual manner involving any kind/type of speech. It is often written to cousins, relatives, friends or family and can basically be written to even your formal contacts if you share a friendly relationship.


A semi formal letter is a type or form of letter written to someone that you know by name and with whom you have a professional or business relationship with, for instance; your teacher, accountant, landlord e t.c.

A semi formal letter can also be regarded as a letter in between a formal and an informal letter. Semi formal letters can be written and sent physically or can as well be written and sent through electronic means { E-mail }.

When writing a semi formal letter the surname should be attached to the salutation. For example; Dear Mrs Paige, Dear Mr Anthony and subsequently when signing off or ending a semi formal letter; yours truly, yours sincerely and yours faithfully would be more preferable and more appropriate.

When writing or starting with a formal letter, as written earlier the surname must be included in the salutation “Dear Mr Thomas”. You must properly organize your semi formal letter into 4-5 paragraphs including the opening and the closing paragraphs or statements.

Note: Your letter should not be too short neither should it be too lengthy or bulky as you want it to be moderate.

Then you proceed to your explanations or reasons for your letter right after the salutation, this should be written in a paragraph using appropriate words and suitable word links, after which you can then move to your different paragraph, tabling appropriately the body of your letter.

It is very important and crucial that when writing a semi formal letter you have to ensure that your writing is not to formal neither should it be too informal. It is a type of letter that requires neutral style and a respectful tone I.e less colloquial language, less abbreviation and use of phrasal verbs and idioms.

When writing a semi formal letter you can use contracted words e.g it’s, won’t, don’t etc but this depends entirely on who you are writing to and the overall formality of the supposed letter.

Also note that; A semi formal letter entails two addresses as it is not an informal letter but conversely not a formal letter. It is a letter in between both. The first address should be yours which should be written towards the top of the page and slightly to the right while the other address which should be the recipient address, the person the letter is addressed to and it should be below your address and aligned to the left hand margin, then followed by the date.

Note: your address should be well punctuated with comma’s and full stops.

After writing the address, salutation, a well written body with appropriate and proper paragraphing which should be written with points and details then you move to the closing sentence or paragraph. The closing sentence should not involve too much familiarity neither should you be stern or too serious.

It should contain an equal amount of both. It is very important that you should not omit the closing statement of opening statement as well.

Example Of A Closing Statement Or Closing Remarks

  • “Thank you very much for your…”
  • “I would be very grateful if you could…”
  • “I hope this is acceptable…”

Right after the closing paragraph as been written then a sign off should be included. This is usually written at the right hand side of the letter with closing greetings like yours sincerely and yours truly. Then followed by your name as it is not a formal letter so your signature is not required or needed.

Typical examples of a semi formal letter includes; letter parents send to school principals, letter written to your teacher or to your boss, CDA chairman or even your landlord. Therefore these letters should be written in a more polite tone than informal letters and in a friendly tone than formal letters.


In conclusion the format of a semi formal letter includes the following listed below;

  • Two addresses
  • Salutation { with surname included }
  • A title
  • A well paragraphed body
  • A closing remark
  • And a sign off { no surname included }

Above all a semi formal letter should be appropriately punctuated and well paragraphed with fully detailed point.

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