Top 10 Richest Men In Ghana 2022 – (Forbes List)

Who are the richest men in Ghana? Regardless of Ghana being considered to be among the least developed countries in the world, it has been rated as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is rich in gold and cocoa. It’s notable for being a peaceful country and also as the first sub-Saharan nation to break free from colonial rule. The economy of the country has paved the way for some notable billionaires and millionaires in the country.

richest men in ghana

The richest men in ghana

Below is a list of the ten most richest men in Ghana in a descending.

Awuah Darko Family – ( Net worth $ 650 million)

The family is the beneficiary of late Nana Ampem wealth.which makes them one of the wealthiest family in ghana.He was a prominent man who founded many financial establishments.

He was the first Ghanaian captain of the Accra Polo Club. His insurance company, the Vanguard Group is the first indigenous insurance company in Ghana. The Vanguard group of Companies compromises of Vanguard Assurance Company Limited, Vanguard Life, City Investments Company Limited and Vanguard Properties Limited.

Upon his death in 2005, his family inherited his majority Stake in the business. The Awuah-Darko family has an estimate of $650 million, ranking as the tenth richest in Ghana.

Kwabena Duffuor – ( Net worth $ 680 million )

Kwabena Duffuor was named as one of the four best Ghana Central Bank Governors at an IMF/ World Bank meeting in 1999. During his tenure, he implemented numerous reforms credited with transforming the bank’s fortune.

He was awarded an honorary fellowship by the institute of Bankers in Ghana. He served as the Finance Minister of Ghana in 2009- 2013. He is the founder and CEO of House of Duffuor Assets (HODA) Holdings(, a business entity comprising of insurance, banking, real estates, farming, mining and media. In March 2013, he founded a non-profit think tank called the Institute for Fiscal Studies in Ghana. He has an estimate net worth of $680 million. His son; Kofi and Kwabena Jr are also just as famous for their significant roles in the commercial industry in Ghana.

The Kalmoni Family – ( Net worth $ 700 million)

Jalal Kalmoni, Salem Kalmoni, Nouhad Kalmoni and Salah Kweku Kalmoni who come in eighth with a net worth of $700mllion are the joint heirs of their late grandfather, Salem Kalmoni’s fortune. Salem Kalmoni was a Lebanese immigrant who moved to Ghana soon before the First World War.

His sons took over his company and named it Kalmoni and Sons. They are well known for Japan Motors, Silver Star Auto and Lakeside Estates. Jalal, Salem, and their cousin Nouhad work in the car industry, Japan Motors and Silver Auto while Salah is in charge of the family’s real estate companies. Japan Motors is the sole dealer of Nissan in Ghana.

Patricia Poku Diaby – ( Net worth $750 million)

She is the richest woman in Ghana, and the seventh richest in Ghana. Her business career began from her family’s business, before she started her own company, Plot Enterprise Group, in both Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The company centers on cocoa processing. It has acquired market presence in Asia too as Plot Commodities which is registered with the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre in Dubai.

Plot Commodities deals in cotton and cocoa and is registered with the Cocoa Merchants Association of America. Her company in Ghana exports its products to the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Irani Family – (Net worth $ 800 million)

This sixth richest, with a net worth of $800 million, are a pair of brothers, Anthony and Edmund Irani who are of Labanese descent. They founded the Irani Brothers and Others Limited in 1967 which is a manufacturing company that produces flour. Apart from being responsible for over 60% of all the wheat production in Ghana, the company ranks as one of the leading wheat exporters in West Africa.

Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat – (Net worth $ 850 million)

Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat, the fifth richest man in Ghana. He kick started his career from his days of working in Toyota Ghana before buying the BBC Industrial Company in 1978.. He presently heads Rana Motors and Metal Works Engineering Co. Ltd .

He also serves as the chairman of IPMC, a leading IT skills and services provider that has the shaped the IT infrastructure industry across Ghana. He has a net worth estimate of $850million. He is also of Lebanese descent like the Irani brothers and the Kalmoni family.

Ibrahim Micahel Mahama( Net worth $ 860 million)

Ibrahim Michael Mahama is the younger brother of the of the former President of Ghana, John Drammal Mahama.He manages Africa’s largest indigeniously owned mining firm, known as Engineers and Planners. The company also focuses on construction, civil works hiring heavy duty equipment and consulting services.

He is also a philanthropist whose charities have impacted communities where his company operate. He is an investor at Dzata Cement company, a fully Ghanaian- owed cement located in Tema. He received the 2018 African Achiever’s award in London for the “African Industrialist of the Year” 2018.

He cofounded the Joyce Tamakloe Cancer Foundation which has provided free mammograms to over 1000 women. He is the fourth richest man in Ghana with a net worth estimate.

Nabil Edmond Moukarel – (Net worth $900million)

With an estimate of $900 million is the active and main CEO of the largest shares in finatrade,one of the largest food manufacturing and distribution companies in west Africa.

Nabil Edmond has also invested with other companies such as the likes of succitrade,Ghana market direct limited and also Akuafo adamfo and many more with these he as earned 3rd of Ghana’s most richest men

Sir Sam E. Jonah – (Net worth $1.2 billion)

Sir Sam e. Jonah is the second richest man in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $1.2billion,is the CEO of Jonah capital and equity fund located in Johannesburg, south Africa which has earned him a lot over the years ,he has also worked with the Ashanti mining company.

This 72 year old billionaire is currently the chancellor of the university of cape coast. Sir Jonah who became the first Ghanaian to be knighted in the 21st century was presented with an honorary.

Ernesto Taricone – (Net worth $ 1.3 Billion)

Ernesto Taricone is Ghana’s number one richest man who has an estimate net worth of $1.3billion after topping the former richest man in Ghana late Charles ampofo. Ernesto born in Italy is the soul founded of conglomerate Trasacco group,also co-owner of royal aluminum systems. The trascco company focuses on real estate development, agriculture, design,construction, mining as well as forestry which has brought him so much millions to be called Ghana’s richest man.

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